As always, there are terms of service that must be followed.

Manuscripts we will not accept!

We will not accept any manuscript that has the following content:

1. Child Sex.  This includes any scenes that display graphic rape, graphic sex scenes involving minors, molestation, etc.  If you are unsure of whether any of your scenes qualify, please message us a brief description of the scene and we will let you know.

2. Detailed rape/molestation.  This includes any scene that details rape and molestation.  While we understand that some characters go through these situations, we prefer that any story that includes this subject use it in a way that is tasteful and considerate to survivors.

With that said, we will gladly accept most other manuscripts!

How we work:

Once we accept a manuscript, the client will be assigned to a time slot.  At that time, we will send an invoice for the full amount of service, with only 50% due at the time the manuscript was accepted.  No work will be performed until the deposit is paid.  During the client's timeslot, we will only work on their manuscript until services is completed.  Once the service is complete, the client will receive 50% of the manuscript to review, prior to making the final payment.  Once the final payment is made, the client will receive the full manuscript.  Should the client determine they are not satisfied with the work provided and choose not to pay the remainder, the client will not receive the rest of the manuscript and we will determine whether or not a partial refund will be granted.  Because we charge such a low fee, we have to ensure that the editors are paid for their time.  

Once service is complete and the invoice is paid in full, the client can return within 90 days to have us review any changes that were made to the manuscript at no additional charge.  The client is also free to contact us at anytime for questions, advice, or referrals to other services.  Once a client, always a client.  Once the 90 days has expired, the client is free to return to us with the same manuscript for a discounted price up to 50%.



We will NOT share any information about the client or their manuscript to anyone who is not working for Shadowrose Editing unless required to by law.  


We do understand that we can not please everyone or catch every mistake.  With our Beta Reading services, we will do the best we can to provide useful feedback.  However, a lot of the feedback given will be based on our opinion of the material, our knowledge of the subject matter, and knowledge obtained through multiple courses in creative writing and research.  While we understand that the client may not agree with our feedback, we can not issue a refund simply because the client does not agree.  As for editing, we are only human and may miss a few mistakes.  While we will strive to make sure we catch every error, we may fall a bit short.  That being said, there are multiple layers of editing an author should go through prior to publishing their stories for this reason alone.  Believe me, I've read my fair share of best sellers that were riddled with errors.  Therefore, we can NOT guarantee that all errors will be corrected. 


Full refunds will be given should we fail to provide service by the deadline unless the client agrees to give an extension or the client failed to meet their own obligations.  Partial refunds will be given at our discretion in the event the client is not satisfied with our services.